This project started from the need of creating a cultural space where young people would be able to express their selves  artistically and socially. This goal was achieved during the summer of 2019 in Rennes, where young people from Bologna, Manchester and Rennes came together to create this space.

That’s how the SapHouse was born; a house where artists were invited to express their selves and where provided by different tools from the House. During this period many workshops were created, such as: videomaking, photography, developing analogic pictures in a dark room, music production, painting and dance. the whole ambient was enriched by a strong sense of community and different cultural backgrounds.  Beside the workshops, we also shared meals and daily tasks such as cleaning and tiding up the house, developing a strong sense of belonging with in it. that’s why it became for us a proper (sap)House that brought us together as a family. Thanks to this closely cohabitation we were able to learn and live new realities, different from the one we are used to. 

Now our new goal is to be able to expand this type of project internationally and to show that these kind of projects are possible. Thanks to the successful experience of SAPASS, we had the desire to continue with a new European Erasmus+ project named COME:ON, which involves other people  from many European countries such as…. . We strongly believe in this, and this is how we made it possible:

Our framework

ERASMUS+ : KEY ACTION3 : Support for policy reform – Youth Dialogue

Our organisations

Our meetings

KICK OFF meeting and visits – Rennes, France – November 2018

Visits in Manchester, United-Kingdom – February 2019

Visits in Bologna, Italy – April 2019

SAP’HOUSE – Rennes, France – June 2019

Final meeting – Bologna, Italy – October 2019